FTP in TrainingPeaks/Strava vs Xert

I’ve just uploaded 125 activities fromTP/Strava and find that my displayed FTP in Xert is about 35 watts higher than TP/Strava. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or better still, an explanation?

Just different models presumably, although I use Xert and Golden Cheetah and they are only 2 watts apart so I am happy that they are about right, as I don’t particularly want to perform a 20 minute test.

Unless you have truly exhaustive fresh-to-failure efforts (likely tests) data to base FTP on, these systems will almost universally underestimate your true FTP. See our glossary entry on Power Curves to understand why. Having said that, do look at the FAQ on why your TP could be higher than it should be. You may want to try a Progression Recalculation using a Seed signature to correct it. Let us know if you need help with that.