FTP from Garmin IQ App vs FTP from downloaded ride

Hi I’ve just started using Xert so am feeling my way around at the moment. I just did a ride and Xert App on my Garmin indicated an FTP of 251W however looking at the ride now I’ve downloaded in it shows an FTP of 239W. My actual is about 260W and I understand that the 251W was probably due to it bent 2.5hrs into a 4 hour ride but I’m confused about the difference between the 239 and 251.

Your FTP of 260W was from way back in April. If you look at your progression chart, you’ll see a steady decline since then :frowning: mostly due to lack of time on the bike, it appears.

Surprised that the app showed you 251W. According to our analysis it should have showed 242W. Which power meter do you use and are you able to send us the FIT file that was recorded? Wanting to see if there was a data error that may have caused the discrepancy.

Many thanks. I’ve sent the file via your Facebook page (seemed the simplest way of doing it) My FTP of 260 is actually current one derived from Joe FRiels method of estimating it. I actually seen a lot of time on the bike but not, however with a power meter. I have a Stages on my road bike and use TrainerRoad Virtual Power on my Kinetic Rock & Roll. One of the questions I have got is, is it possible to use your platform using Heart rate data only on rides where I don’t have a power meter i.e. my Gravel bike and MTB.

Unfortunately not yet. Power only. HR based analysis is on our roadmap.

Many thanks - I’ve just upgraded to Premium. A major factor was the speed and quality of your response to my question. Thanks again

Thank you Cary! Answering great questions and helping our customers is what this is all about for us.