FTP drop after allowing HR

Hey everyone, I’ve been using Xert for the last few months. I only have a power meter on my trainer. I realized while exploring around that there was a setting to allow Xert to use hr/cadence when no power info is available. So I turned that on it so it could count xss on my outdoor rides. I also changed my resting and max HR at the same time. I then hit recalculate progression and my FTP dropped from 249 to 234. Why? Thanks for any insight!

Recalculate Progression recalculates your progression and signature values starting from your first activity data on file. It clears any adjustments and flags on file and starts over.
The results won’t be close unless you happen to know your starting TL values and enter them before recalculating.

There was no need to select that option for HRDM to work.
At this point you can either wait for your next BT to adjust your signature or go to your last activity on file and enter your prior signature values and select Save/(lock). Changes moving forward will use that signature.

When you enable HRDM – or make changes to RHR or maxHR – the routine automatically parses all activity data on file and derives metrics for entries missing power data but containing HR or HR plus cadence data.

Ok. Thanks.

Well I did a few outdoor rides and was receiving 0 tss for them.

Your TL will be different with or without HRDM and that will change the signature, but with more XSS the TP should tend to be higher not lower.
If you have an idea based on the signature you had before the recalculation what your signature might have been approximately when your first activity on Xert was recorded than use that or a bit less as starting point and do the recalculation with those values entered in the boxes at the top of the page, all three, not just TP, there is a box in the middle for starting TL as well.
After it has calculated (could take a bit) you can look at your progression chart to see any breakthrough activities it has found and what the values before and after were. Sometimes something just seems off and helps to find the problem.
The activities list view can also be helpful, there are many selectable columns and sometimes some values are off, like max power or the change from one breakthrough or fakethrough. That’s when the signature is lowered when something close to a breakthrough occurred, sometimes those are false because it was no real maximal effort but the software can’t know that. If you find an activity that’s affected your signature in a wrong way, flag it and the change is removed without removing the TL.