FTP descending slowly

Hi. I started with the trial period to get to know XERT and now that I am training fully, I see that my FTP is descending very little by little. My weight has not changed. Instead I notice more power and more comfortable in short efforts of high intensity, especially at 90% -95% FTP where it is much easier to move the pedals even with wind against, for longer. What is happening to me?

I defend all the grounds well. Let’s say I’m 40% climber- 30% wheeler and 30% break. From normal I have chosen climber, GC and Puncheur. What kind of athlete should I choose?
Thank you

Hi JV,
Welcome to training with Xert! The Xert algorithm uses a slight decay over time to make sure that your signature isn’t overestimated and to push you to the limits occasionally - it still needs maximum efforts to provide the most accurate analysis. If you see TP decaying lower than you think it is, it may be time for a breakthrough. You can try for a breakthrough using a normal club ride, a Time Trial, a Zwift race, or any maximum effort, really.
For athlete type, we recommend selecting the athlete type that best matches your goal event. If its a criterium, you may choose something like Puncheur or Road sprinter, while road racing or Time Trialing may be better served by a GC specialist or Climber athlete type. Cheers!