FTP and Lower Threshold Power decay

have had 2 main breakthroughs this year on Xert. 1 at a crit where i did 250NP for 40mins, and got a predicted threshold of 245, and one this week where i did 270w for 10 mins and got a predicted 244FTP, with some decay in between. Using Intervals ICU & strava estimates, i think this Xert FTP is probably within 5 or so watts of my FTP.

I am starting a polarised build featuring 3 hour Z2 rides. After my 3rd one of these rides this week, which actually felt easier than the previous 2 (including the first one that the break through happened my FTP is down by 4 and Low Threshold power is down by 2. Not making much sense to me as the break through was this week, and these sessions are starting to feel easier already.

Hi Christian,

Welcome to the Xert Forum! You’ve likely experienced your first “Fakethrough”. You’ll find it explained in our support article (near the bottom of the article): https://baronbiosys.com/breaking-through-the-xert-way/

A fakethrough occurs when you’re very close to MPA, but juuuust dont quite reach it. In these cases, Xert looks and says what would the signature need to be if that was a maximal effort? Often times, the drop is rather negligible on a day to day basis (+/- a few watts threshold and 0.1’s of kJ HIE).

If you want Xert to ignore the fakethrough, you can choose to either flag the activity, or use Advanced MPA, tap ‘Previous’ and then ‘Save’ on the bottom to save the activity with the starting signature. HTH!

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