From several sport profiles back into a single one

For 1-2 months I gave it a try to setup several sport profiles, but it makes it more difficult for me to keep an overview on the global body load xss for example, and it’s not that convenient as it requires more sync’ setups and is more prone to troubles there. BTW, I’ve roughly 65% cycling activities, the rest being mixed between yoga, strength, walking, country skiing, etc.

Therefore, I’d like to go back to a single profile wherein all my sport activities are visible at once. How do I have to proceed? Is there an easy and safe way to perform this (I used to only find the other ways…)?

thanks for your help,


You will just delete all the activities in the other accounts and then sync the activities in your main account. Of course this will have an impact on various metrics including your fitness signature. And if you have power data in the non-cycling workouts you will get some strange results.

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but with the re-sync’ with Strava (for me), the power data available in Strava will be re-sync’ in Xert as well, such there won’t be any loss, will it?
Should I have added earliet any additional information or made some changes in these non-cycling activities, these will be erased as well?