“Freshness” Slider

As it stands now, moving the slider on the Freshness scale appears to be entirely a subjective evaluation we make. Is there a way to connect Garmin’s Body Battery, an EPOC based numeric, or, better yet, a Morpheus M5 HRV recovery value (www.8weeksout.com) to provide a more objective value. (Full disclosure: I am not paid anything by those folks for naming their unit; I happen to use it and have been very pleased with its value to me). Thanks in advance, Anthony

Yes, AFAIK, it’s very subjective.

I do it this way:

  • on Sundays and Wednesdays, I do some strength workouts, so on those days I set the freshness to -10 to get a very easy ride later that day (LTP or free ride);
  • the next day (Mondays and Thursdays) I set it to -5 because my muscles are still somewhat sore.
  • on Fridays, I set it back to 0.
  • on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I set it to +10, so I have my 2 weekly higher stress workouts.