Freshness feedback slider lost

I cannot find the freshness feedback slider in the planner tab? Where could I find it

Click on ‘Goals’ at the right of the screen…


Got it. Hidden in plain sight lol

Is it me, or does all the documentation point to the fact that the freshness feedback is under the fitness planner? I had to search the forums to find that its now under My Fitness -> Goals.

Yeah, it was moved there after a layout overhaul.

It’s not the most intuitive place for it. I usually use that function when on the plan page.

The planner is now one of the tabs on the Fitness page so you can see it and the Goals button at the same time.


We had some folks state that they didn’t want to go to the Fitness Planner to get to it (they wanted it on the XATA page). Repositioning the FF into the Goals button now allows you to access it from any tab.