"Fresh" on the first rest day, "Very Tired" on the second?

I’ve seen this trend a few times on my Fitness Planner, it seems like it might be caused by two rides in a day?

It shows ‘Fresh’ for a day and after doing two hard rides the planner will still show the next day (with no activities) as “Fresh” however the second rest day after that is “Very Tired”. Is that intentional?


Might be a timezone issue. Try and see if your profile timezone (in account settings) makes a difference to the results.

Timezone was off by an hour but it didn’t fix the issue unfortunately.

Does changing it to something different make any difference?

It doesn’t appear to, adjusting from -11 UTC to +14 UTC did not change the “Very Tired” day.

Thanks for the clarification Kevin. It looks like your Zwift Race B occurred before midnight your time but the system is counting it GMT so after midnight. We’ll have to fix that. Thanks for pointing this out.