“Fresh “ after 275 XSS ride? More max effort rides prescribed?

I did a 78 mile ride on Sunday with racers who are faster than me and were trying to rip each other’s legs off at numerous points in the ride. We averaged 22mph over very hilly terrain (3200 ft ascent) for 3.5 hours. I felt it with every step I took on Monday, still felt it on Tuesday, and even some today.

Xert ride advisor said on Monday, Tuesday, and today that I’m “fresh” and is prescribing big workouts. I’m behind on XSS overall, but I am NOT fresh. Just a little feedback that could improve the app.

In addition, the MPA chart doesn’t show MPA coming close to my power during the ride. Wrong! I gave it everything and got dropped on the way out. I gave it everything and barely hung on at one point in the way back. I saw -27s for TTE right before getting dropped. I expected those two lines to touch at least twice.

Review your Recovery Load and Training Load on your XPMC. Given your high TL and relatively high freshness going into that 275XSS ride, you didn’t reach the numbers that would classify as Tired afterwards. Remember that Training Status describes the numbers and not what you may be feeling.

Wrt your signature, you seemed to have no problem bringing MPA down on Apr 12th, your last breakthrough activity, where you generated higher power numbers. If you feel that the power you generated that day isn’t what you are capable of and the signature that was obtained is overestimated then you can perhaps adjust the Apr 12th results (or replace the activity with a manual XSS entry) and see your signature adjust downwards. This may make the efforts in the past ride maximal. It may also increase your Recovery Load, i.e. make your status possibly Tired. Also, be sure you’re using data from the same power meter and that the power meter is properly calibrated. A 2% diffe rence in power can yield dramatically different results.

Let us know if you would like us to have a look at your progression history in more detail if you require.