Frequency and Wintertraining

Hi Folks. So I had been using XERT for 6 Months now and I’m still impressed by the technology behind it, and how it helps me to improve!
I noticed some things during my winter training though. I was tapering a bit from November until January and when riding outside it was usually very cold, and was was wearing winter gear. So my TP decreased quite a bit more than it should have maybe. I got it back on track by doing a breakthrough ride last week. So should I recalculate my Fitness signature accordingly for December? How often should one do these breakthroughrides, to have a got data basis?
Then I was incorporating some cadence focused work (like having some strengh based sessions in December and now going for some high cadence sprinting). For now I did not change the Cadence setting for my training APP. Should I do this because its affects the algorithm somehow, or are here plans to incorporate this in structured workouts? That would be great! Best.

Hi Wilfried! Glad to hear things are going well for you!

Regular breakthroughs are always best. They don’t have to be full tests but just push yourself to see if you can bump up your numbers. We’ll be providing some guidance soon on how you can better manage this as there are some new approaches you do implement.

Cadence doesn’t impact your fitness calculations so there is no need to change.