Free trial problem

Hi there, I have signed up in the free trial and from what I understand I have the features of a premium subscription for 30 days? If so I cannot select any workouts to do, I keep getting ‘subscription required’ (I’ve tried to select a lot of diff workouts, including I won’t back down, all the same error). I’ve uploaded a few months of Strava data to the website… I am lost on how to do a workout or select one. Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something?

You are free to test the sample workout provided within the free trial. It is a good example of the various features and capabilities that we have within the Smart workout library. If you wish to test out other workouts, you can subscribe / cancel / reactivate a paid subscription at any time. See for a comparison chart to see the differences.

how do you find where to subscribe etc, nothing obvious…

Just to add to my previous post, it says there is a premium free trial, but it’s no where to be seen, all there is a monthly subscribe! I don’t want to play with a sample workout, I want to see my data crunched. Just like Today’s Plan, WKO 4 allows in there trial period.

On the top bar, you should see a link to Subscribe beside the bell. During the trial period, your are free to upload your activities for analysis. After the trial, you can still upload 1 activity per week. Analyses are the core features of Xert and you don’t need to use our Workout Players to benefit from these capabilities.

I just registered for a free trial. I’m unable to upload more than 1 workout and I’m unable to “subscribe”. There is no “subscribe” link beside the bell and I’ve looked everywhere for an option to subscribe.

I believe the change in username may have been the culprit. You should now see the Subscribe link. Sorry for your trouble.

Yes, that fixed it for me. Thanks!