Free Trial... but no workouts?

Not sure it’s much of a trial if I have a minimal amount of functionality.

Check our FAQ for more information.

i agree. Its the workouts that you want to see calculated. All the other functionality is a product of the workout, not the other way around

30 days of nothing really. imagine trying trainer road or sufferfest or zwift but you cant actually train to test it. complete waste of time. Just offer 7 days of full functionality instead of 30 days of nothing but seeing it import your rides from other platforms…really!!

Wow thanks for the reply Armando, now I know you have poor customer service and your free trial sucks.

Hi Alex, as mentioned in the FAQ, you have access to all the features of the software except the workout library for free. We don’t really get many complaints from users. Most that purchase the software spend more than a week to get to know it. Workouts are but a small portion of the software in fact. Sorry you don’t agree but there really is a lot of software we are supporting at no cost.

I would also like to second the issue of no trial workouts. I have decided to pay for membership but I really would have liked to be able to test a few different sessions. At a minimum it would be great to have a few very short sessions, say 5 minutes that could be used to check that all functionality works with linking Garmin to phone to player without having to load up an hour and finding out it doesn’t work

Hi Alex und Martin, same here. From the customers side of the coin, I cannot really understand why the trial period does not include the full spectrum of Xert including ALL workouts . Will Baronbiosystems loose business if they did? I don’t think so, but then I don’t really know for sure. Instead of a 30 days trial, maybe 14 days including ALL Workouts would be a better option.
When I first tried Xert, the limitation to just one workout in the trial period bothered me. I lost interest real soon mainly because I didn’t really understand Xert and limitations were not helpful. Months later I decided to take a look at Xert again, but this time I did not want to bother with limitations and signed up for justbone month, at most a $10 stake. After that month, I was convinced and paid for a 1 years subscription. To be fair, though, I think customer service is quite good. Xert ist a good and unique training platform and improves at a fast rate. I am still amazed how well and quick Armando answers the many questions in the forum.

Yes the software tells me my FTP via an algorithm, except I already knew my FTP much like most people on this website. The whole point of your software based seems to be workouts based on constantly changing fitness. Hence my problem, I can’t try workouts to improve. This basically means my trial is me being told my FTP.

Thanks Joseph. You hit the nail on the head. Another part of this is that Xert takes a bit of personal investment to get the most out of it. It isn’t something (yet) for a beginner to just follow along with and it needs someone committed to learning and working with the apps. These take a bit of time to fully understand. Having to purchase one month will encourage curious users to invest their time into learning and making it work for them. Once they do that, they’ll become a subscriber. If you’re not willing to make that investment, you’re not ready yet.

We hope to get to the point where it will work for everyone without making the personal investment into learning it, but we’re not there yet. At that point, we can consider changing how the Free and Premium trials work.

Ah… now I see your side of the coin… and It makes sense. Anyway, I am glad on the boat