Free tier now completely nonfunctional?

Hi, sorry I assume this has been covered somewhere but did my best looking around and can’t find anything on the topic.

My last successful upload was late January, after that syncs stopped working, manual upload says “not supported for free users”.
I’m not currently doing any training program so not really in the market for a sub at this time - but I try my best to get some training variance in at my work as a bike messenger including at least once a week going very hard.

Having Xert able to analyze that weekly effort is just nice to have and this basic functionality made the prospect of being an on-and-off paying/free user very enticing. If I have to pay year round to be able to use it at all, I’d just rather not tie myself to your service honestly.

I also find it plain weird that you’ve apparently made this change without any (at least easy to find) announcement, nor have you updated the plan comparison page to indicate free users cannot sync or manually upload anything anymore. Since it appears to have been in effect for many weeks I assume it’s not just some temporary glitch…

I ask you reconsider this strategy, or at the very least be upfront about it. Cheers!

Does the free version not provide the ability to upload “one” activity per week as per the “compare plans” description.

Hi Joen,

We changed our Free plan recently. A newsletter was sent out as part of that change. Free users now have access to any group session. Checkout Xert - Login for information on what is included.

Thank you.

Thats absolutely rubbish ive been a paid member for at least 12 month, i wont be training so i thought id cancel the plan untill i restart but like you i cant upload a single activity, thats rubbish

If you’re not training, why do you need Xert? When you start again, by paying for the sub you’ll be able to upload your off-season rides, if you want.


As Dixonbruce said… I don’t use Xert all year round (at least I haven’t until now). When I resubscribe, I just sync all my activities since I last used the platform from Strava, and carry on.

maybe xert can consider adding a price tier for those want to have the analyzing portion like what OP is looking at?