Free Riding Tips

Would love some more tips on Free Riding. I have watched the video but I am sure there are some tips / tricks I’m missing.

I am using a Garmin and most of my rides are commutes - so I need to deal with traffic / stop signs / people walking in the park. I have rolling hills…rarely anything too steep and if it is steep its 1-2 minutes. (I try to pick routes to minimize all of that but ~10-15% of my ride I need to stop any workout and just safely ride)

I read somewhere to Auto-Generate a workout then use those intervals? do you do that then just memorize the intervals and do them when you find a safe spot? or do you just use the data fields?

specifically I am not too sure how long to perform the suggested intensity in relation to the overall workout. do you aim for a certain time in that intensity range?

if I am set to workout at GC Specialist (8:00 power), will Xert occasionally give me 4:00 power or 20:00 power? or do you switch your specialty every now and then?

not sure how to interpret the time to recovery

What % of the time are you doing workouts vs just riding endurance without going above LTP? 2/week? 3/ week? say I ride 10 hours / week.

(I am not training for any race…just general fitness).

thank you!!

This post covers the basic operation and the link goes to much of the same with more details. :wink:

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