Form never above ~15? Line plateaus in XPMC

I’ve noticed that on the XPMC chart, my form never rises above about 15. This results in long plateaus in the graph. Is this normal? A target of 10-15 for form is generally what I see advised as “optimal,” so maybe this is by design in Xert? But a higher form number is still valuable information, so I don’t see why you’d artificially want to manipulate it?

I don’t know details but a change in form calculation occurred when the new Planner was released and the gradient bar added.
This article mentions how the update now restricts the range shown on the chart and how you can adjust recovery response using the Recovery Demands slider if needed.

Thanks. Looking at the form, the old way seems to actually be informative? You can see the Form going down as volume decreases. yes, the number is higher in the old way, but it sits at basically the same spot in the graph, and actually helps to see if that value is changing. Having your form just sit at the exact number for a week doesn’t seem that useful?

I suppose recovery load is sort of the inverse of this, and doesn’t exhibit the same flatlining at the bottom. I don’t understand why you’d want this behavior? I’m possibly missing something, but this just seems, odd?

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