Form and Freshness line color in progression chart

I have read through the explanations about the color of the stars and all that. Where does it state exactly what the form range is for what color? Im referring to the progression chart line.

My current form is -27 but my line is still blue. There is no way one can be fresh with a -27 form. In fact he line has been blue for all the form lines below 0.

It does however show the red stars under my name at the top of the page. I would be interested to see exactly the form range though for each color criteria

would this help?

Hi Danny

Thanks for help. What value world X refer too?

It’s your training load

Super thanks!

I’m new here so still getting my head around the Xert workings.

Thanks al so for your response to my question regarding the time setting for training advisor.

my pleasure Jaco. I know, its quite hard to understand xert, its so different. Fortunatelly this forum is great and I can recommend you xert podcast too, there are some key features of xert explained.

Danny I appreciate your help bud!

I have a question for you if you don’t mind.
I have about 4 to 5hrs per week training time on avg on the bike. In your opinion what is a realistic training load I can expect following the adaptive training advice?

Thanks in advance

If you mean what training status you can expect, I can only estimated (it depends on many factors: your athlete type, training phase… ), but it would be about TL 50. You do by average 70XSS/hour (when doing endurance, it will be less, when you come into build phase with more intensities it will be more). Its 350XSS a week and devided by 7(days) its 50. So I would say, that with 4-5hours a week you cannot get much more than that(50-75TL are 2 stars in you training status)

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Interestingly the boundaries have changed recently.

They all used to be ±40% of training load (with the upper bound being 80%). They’re are now 30 and 60%.

Does anyone know the reason for this change and when it happened (I’ve not been training for a while).