Forgot my Garmin, would like to load estimated XSS

I forgot my Garman but went on an intense group ride. I would like to know would an estimated XSS for that work out. I can’t figure out how to do it. Please advise.

That should read “Garmin”

And it should say “load an estimated XSS“ instead of “know would an estimated XSS“.

Okay, I stumbled upon it on my laptop and entered a score. But it caused a new question - are XSS points similar to TSS in that 1 hour of all effort is 100 points? It appears I rack up more XSS on a ride than TSS, but that could be due to different FTP values.

Check the FAQ we have that describes ways to estimate XSS. It is similar to TSS but can amount to more than 100 per hour for efforts that harder than 1 hour at TP (imagine sprinting for an hour as the absolute highest XSS possible… this is much higher than just holding TP for one hour).

What I would do is estimate the time/power of the intervals, create a custom workout with these estimations, and I would get a “reasonable” XSS… mi 2c