Forecast AI seemingly does not take changes in weekly schedule

Started using Forecast AI, but had to quit as the forecast AI is exceedingly hard to use and hard to make changes to schedule.

I initially setup up availability, but then when changes are needed, for example, moving a strength from Tuesday to Thursday, or changing from a workout day to a rest day due to work or travel, I could not find a way for the Forecast AI to incorporate those change in schedule and availability into the new schedule. It always reverts back to the original availability and ‘does not take’ the schedule change…

Great idea, and I understand it’s a beta, but feels pretty close to unusable right now…

Anyone being able to use for it’s intended purpose… create an adaptive training plan where AI automatically adapts when schedule or availablity changes ?

That’s exactly what it does.

Are you using Flex or Fixed availability settings?

At this first I was using ‘flex’, and it always overrides whatever I put in there, then I changed it to fixed, but it never adjusted my planning to take into account the new workout

Can you provide more detail? If you wish, contact support so we can share with you what we are seeing in your account.

Here’s the steps I’m going through

Change Tuesday :

This is what I get :

Then, when I hit ‘Adapt’ :

It simply overrides the strength training sessions I had just created for Tuesday.

My objective was to put the Strength training on Tuesday, and check what would the new AI adapted plan would look like, but it seems that it simply overrides what I just created

Choose training = select an activity to match forecast
Use + button to add planned activity (weight training, group ride, Zwift race, etc.).
To remove a Forecast activity on same day use clock button to set day to Unavailable (that day only).
Red dot will appear to run Adapt Forecast which will remove the Forecast activity and leave your planned activity.

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The Adapt function currently clears any existing assigned training you make. We are considering allowing assigned training to stay fixed in the schedule but this will require some changes. For the time being, if you have something specific you’re planning to do on any given day, use the + to add it as Planned rather than pick it as assigned to the Forecast.

Ok, using ‘+’, works as Adapt won’t override the planned training session.

These now get marked with ‘Planned’ in purple are not removed by the AI… they are fixed as intended :

The AI still schedules a Low Intensity ride, on the same day of Strength Training… on Tuesday, but not on Saturday.

Also, I’m feeling sore legs today after some hard efforts yesterday (and my Garmin was flagging recovery of 53 hours) so I Planned a recovery ride for today :

However, as you’ll see, hitting Adapt, results in AI adding a Low intensity ride. My intention was to only do a recovery today.

The AI seems to want me to do a low intensity ride rather than a recovery ride.

Any way around this?

set the day to unavailable with the clock icon (make sure to uncheck the ‘Default for …’ at bottom right) then ‘adapt’ again

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