Forecast AI question regarding "Adapt Forecast" feature

I have the impression the “Adapt Forecast” feature isn’t working as intended:

When I looked yesterday ( I was blue/fresh):
The forecast for today (Saturday) was 173 XS of endurance
The forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) was about 191 XS at high intensity (Mixed Puncheur)

  • Question 1: why is the Forecast AI suggesting high intensity trainings when I am supposed to be in my BASE phase? Does this new feature override the periodization I had set up previously altogether?
  • Question 2: Today I ended up doing a road ride with 250 XS ( Moderate Polar Climber Ride ) instead and I am now “Very Tired” and I was expecting Forecast AI to adapt tomorrow’s training accordingly if I run “adapt forecast”. But this is not the case. The advice for tomorrow remains the same after multiple attempts.
    I am not going to play with my recovery settings for the moment as I was expecting Forecast AI to see I have exceeded today’s targets, see I am now very tired, put the two things together and adapt tomorrow’s advice.
    Is anyone able to advise on what to do?

Issues have been reported with the Adapt Forecast routine on the calendar.
What happens if you Run Forecast AI and Save from the Goals screen you posted?

Thanks a lot for your reply. It happens that I get the error message “A training plan that reaches your target could not be found. Your target is not achievable.” Hence I am unable to save. I tried to lower the target wattage to 291 but still erroring.
I had hoped this would work. I think I am gonna have to scrap the AI advice for tomorrow if there isn’t any other work around

  1. Looks like you have to raise your High Training Load by quite a bit. The build phase (under the default Periodization Level setting) starts at around 110 days or so before the target date.

Having said that, we are testing an update that may affect some higher than expected intensity forecasted activities as in your case.


thanks! yes my TL has been low-ish so far, my BASE phase had began beginning of Dec but once I switched to Forecast AI I had to push the target day forward by 2 weeks and lower the power target in order to avoid the erroring above and get a working training plan. If I had not switched to AI I’d be almost a month into my BASE now. Anyway, the bottom line is that I am confused. :expressionless:

While they work out the kinks in the Beta you can always revert back to a XATA based TED at any time by selecting the Goals icon, Target Date, 120 Day Program, plus set an Improvement Rate.
I am testing all kinds of FAI scenarios while continuing with my first progression for next season.

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Hi all. So I’ve Long Covid and after 18 months of inactivity I stared 6 weeks ago building from the bottom up. So I’ve tried the Ai Forecast to build my 20 minute power over 3 months. @xertedbrain the results show very little riding and nothing to boost my LTP. I’ve no breakthrough for 7 months and only low intensity riding but this feels my best way forward. Can I consider the plan as a frame work to hang other workouts on to build up. I presume the plan will adjust. Any help appreciated. Happy Christmas

Good thought. Is that true?

If I target a TP of 250 and have some strong rides, maybe a Zwift/Rouvy race that indicate I am well on track, probably well ahead will the target date shorten or will training just get a lot easier?

As it’s AI I presume it looks at your total XSS as in the past the planner allowed for this when picking workouts based on your “freshness”. I think from memory you can rerun and adjust the plan. I’ve only had a Quick Look to be fair

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Hi guys, quick question re the “Adapt Forecast” button. Hope it’s ok raising it in this thread as I didn’t want to raise a new one.
Mine has a note in black saying my “availabilities have changed”…But I haven’t touched any of my availabilities…?
Only thing I can think of is that I didn’t hit my high intensity numbers for my weekend ride (though I did hit total XSS). Do I need to hit the adapt forecast button as it keeps showing the red dot.
I’m loathe to re-forecast as it’s now telling me to go from low intensity to high intensity and I like my current plan.
I’m also not completely sure what to do about altering the plan - eg. I want to do a massive 400+XSS ride this Saturday instead of the prescribed 300XSS. **The AI isn’t adapting anything like what it used to. **
Others have mentioned something similar, and I’m not sure what to do about this.

If you plan to do such a ride then just add it to your plan and adapt the forecast. Xert will uncooperative that ride into the plan. Try to estimate the XSS and the workout type as best as you can. Xert will probably mark the day as a rest day as no additional workouts are required.

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Nah this doesn’t work…
I set today to be “unavailable”, added my big 400XSS ride in for Saturday, and then hit the Adapt Forecast button.
This is what I’m getting - the Saturday ride isn’t my 400xss ride any more.

Are you sure you added it to your calendar and not just selected that as the workout for the forecast item? It should be in addition. Please include a screenshot of your calendar if it doesn’t work.

This is my calendar - rest day today, and you see the ride on Saturday at 403xss

When I recalibrate with the Adapt Forecast button you see the 403xss ride is gone and replaced with a 147xss ride. Note: I’m not saving the plan down, as this new one has me doing two back to back high intensity rides, and then a 6-7 hr ride on Saturday would be too much!

As I said you need to add it as an additional activity that day. Use the + button. Like you did for Sunday.

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Thanks @hpbieker that worked. I wasn’t clicking on the ‘+’ icon. It’s in the plan, I have saved the new forecast (I will die tomorrow with the puncheur workout in store for me!), the red dot above Adapt Forecast is gone, and all is well in the world! Thank you

Nb: any idea how to get rid of the “No Additional Training” and “Recovery” rides on Saturday and Sunday at the bottom?

Note that you can always select a workout with less difficulty, but with a longer duration. If you do not want to die.

Unfortunately, you cannot hide the “No Additional Training” or “Recovery” items or make them smaller. They take up more space than required. And it is not possible to force a certain workout on a day without creating a separate item – as you noted it will be cleared when you adapt the plan. This means there is limited need for assigning workouts for the coming days as they will potentially be cleared.

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“… select a workout with less difficulty, but with a longer duration” - yup I do this also… Was trying to stay “in focus” from the list that popped up.

I guess we’ll need to select the Adapt Forecast button on an ongoing basis as we move through plans. Once I start working again in a couple of weeks, I’ll need to break down my workouts amongst commutes to work. Assume I’ll play with the time I have and focus of workouts, and then use the additional training feature for commutes, with the aim of hitting my overall xss target for the day, and hopefully I can manage the focus and specificity.