Forecast AI Beta: How is it working?

I have a simpler question (compared to my usual deep dive) that I don’t know if I’ve found discussed.

How do people go about programming a recovery week into XFAI?

I’ve sort of dug myself into a hole over the last 5-6 weeks without much chance to supercompensate. XFAI doesn’t really give you “recovery weeks”, because it doesn’t do week-week periodisation.

Putting the recovery slider all the way into “I’m in a hole” does nothing when I click “Adapt Forecast”.

got it

but does the Adapt Forecast button still use the AI Beta adaptions? or is it the old planner adaptions?

It uses whatever you put in at the start plus any adjustments you have made in the “Program” menu.

Forecast AI Beta = Setup Guide wizard used to forecast an XFAI plan and configure the Program dialog box based on your selections.
You can also use this option to clear an existing forecast plan or start a new one.

Adapt Forecast = tool to rebalance/rearrange an existing XFAI plan. A red dot warning appears when you stray enough from the original plan to cause magenta days on your plan chart/calendar. You can determine the reason for broken constraints by hovering over any magenta-outlined entries on the plan chart (Training page view). You can then decide if you want to adapt the plan moving forward or leave as is.
The routine first scans the week ahead which may be sufficient to rebalance the plan.
At some point proximity to your target date or defined constraints (max hours/week or availability) may prevent the tool from eliminating all magenta entries.

Program dialog box = displays your current ATP (adaptive training program) Type, configuration, plus associated Settings (slider options).
You can further tweak your XFAI plan here and recast the plan with new settings, or clear an XFAI plan by selecting 120-Day Program, Continuous, or Challenge which switches you to XATA mode with a blank calendar.

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I want to know why it thinks I will train 6 days a week (I will) but it puts my rest days on Saturday. Pretty much makes me ignore everything else it tells me.

I think Xert basically fills up every day with workouts until your training status becomes yellow/green or you are ahead of the plan. It does some optimization on top of that as well.

So it basically means that you are ahead of the plan on the Sunday. If you have a recovery day, your training status is red (not ready for training).

Just skip one of the days or reduce the availability for one of the days.

I guess a useful feature could be a way of prioritizing when the training will be scheduled. E.g. I might be able take a longer workout during the week if really needed, but I prefer to do it in the weekend.

not sure if this is proper or not…or anything can be done.

I set it for 12 hours max per week…but I wind up riding 2x / day (I commute to work). when I adapt the forecast as the week goes on, it always goes above the 12 hours. I guess to get in the needed high intensity work for the week to stay on target?

not sure if this is right or not…or just me not quite following the exact plan.

one more thing I noticed. not nitpicking…only if it helps you. when I change these calendar settings to see different stats, it doesn’t remember them and keeps defaulting to this. didn’t know if you did that on purpose or not

Hi @genefish, the 12 hrs/week only factors in the Forecast Placeholders. Other activities (commutes, extra rides, cross-training, etc.) would be on top of the 12 hrs/wk factored by the Forecast optimizer.

You could consider either incorporating your training into one of your commutes or decreasing the max weekly availability by the time you expect to spend commuting (e.g. if you have ~2 hrs/wk of commuting, adjust weekly availability from 12 hrs/wk to 10).

Hope that helps!

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Is there a bug with the green training status? I always have the blue color and the green color only appears after completing an activity.

And then the color green is so far away

That’s a lot of high intensity?

Show us the corresponding Program dialog box configuration and Settings.

Drill down to view some of the workouts suggested and I think you find the Polar entries are within your 4-star status capability. I.e. 3 diamond difficulty.
IOW metered dosages of HIT are being forecast to fit within your Availability constraints at a level that doesn’t push you into extended tired status.
You’ll probably need to run Autogen to best meet the target for the day as library choices may be limited. Or at least run Autogen to compare what a simple matching workout looks like (viable outdoors or indoors).

If you feel the load and intensity are too much you can regulate HIT frequency and intensity by adjusting the Recovery Demands and/or Program Difficulty slider.

Thanks for the reply - I guess that’s what’s going on.

I wouldn’t describe the Autogen sessions that come up as easy, particularly after a race (that included a breakthrough effort) yesterday. I’ll see what tweaking the recovery settings does to things :slightly_smiling_face: