Forecast AI after a week. Some feedback and questions


The Forecast AI seems like the coolest feature in xert for years and I have been very keen use it some training. After a week, I collected a list of small annoyances to report or ask about. I skimmed through the existing thread and the support home I couldn’t see any place with documentation or some formal channel for feedback. I am posing a few things here.

  1. If there are two activities on a day, the planner picks up the first one and ignores the actual workout. It’s common to have recorded a short warm-up or commute. Is there any way to match an activity to the forecasted/prescribed training? (image 1)
  2. Sometimes, if the activity is recorded via e.g. zwift, the planner keeps showing both the one completed and the one prescribed as “Forecast” and I can’t get it to accept that I did it.
  3. Auto-generated workouts do not get added on the same day. I have to save them, make sure they are not excluded form the search results and then schedule them manually.
  4. The “Adapt forecast” red dot does not go away after adapting and saving. Even after doing it 2 or 3 times in a row.
  5. What do various suitability words and icons mean? What is better, good or productive? At least once the auto-generated workout had a red icon in the suitability field getting me very confused.
  6. Will the “adapt forecast” take into account fitness signature changes? A few days after I started a breakthrough brought very close to the goal I set. Will this affect the plan adaptation? Or does it ignore it.



Here is an auto-generated workout has a red x but it is supposed to be optimal. I am not sure what’s wrong.

  1. Probably worth reporting as a bug (

  2. Do the two entries have overlapping start/end times? (start time + duration)
    Normally a completed activity bumps any other overlapping one.
    If two activities don’t overlap, they’ll both remain on the calendar until the end time of the uncompleted one. This may not be obvious without a screen refresh.

  3. Are you using Autogen from the Training page? (today, tomorrow and day after)
    I normally only use Autogen if a suitable workout or session is not found.

  4. Fix in progress from what I hear.

  5. Training Suitability – Xert (
    Not sure about the new dot icons like the red X you noted.

  6. Good question. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the replies.

  1. This is consistent so I will report.
  2. Turns out this corrects itself the next day. The screenshot was taken on the same day of the workout and the ride. I suspect the planner is expecting that you may do another workout. It would be nice to have an “assign” button to control this explicitly but it’s a detail.
  3. The auto-gen workout is properly selected for the day but the planner does not show it. This happens whether I click auto-generate from the planner or from the training.
  4. Good news :+1:
  5. Thank you! I am still confused by some results there. See image below.
  6. I would suspect it does not which is a good thing. A fakethrough sorted it for me :joy:

Auto-generated workout not matching the goals and getting a red?!

Good but out of focus with a green icon.