Forced HR Derived Power

Is there a way to force xert to switch an activity from actual power to hr derived power?

I have an activity that my power meter was playing up for the first 5 mins, so I disabled it for rest of the 1 hour ride and went with HR and cadence only.

I was hoping the hr derived stats would automatically switch over when the power went 0 for the rest of ride (ie 0 power with non-zero cadence).


Remove the first 5 minutes or totally strip the file of power values altogether. Use to achieve this…

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I’ve got an activity that has cadence, HRT and speed but no power and yet it won’t derive values. It says non-power data. I’ve uploaded from Garmin connect and deleted it and tried the same activity from Strava. No joy.

Just to make sure: did you switch on this function? It’s -> Account Settings -> Profile -> Heart Derived Metrics. If you did, I can’t help, but you may want to contact Support…

It has done it for all other non-power rides and was enabled. I’ll put in a ticket.

Check to see if the activity has been flagged for errors. If so, the system wasn’t able to derive HR metrics and you’ll need to enter them manually.

Thanks. Yes it was flagged with HRT error. Picked ignore and seems fine.