For the first time!

For the first time, I put my wife to train with Zwift and I created it a XERT account for her. She’s not interested in anything about the social aspect of Zwift, she just wants to train. Well for several days I just let her do a free ride, but then she complained that she got bored, that’s when I told her about the workouts that zwift had, to start there. She did the ramp tets and got a 96 FTP, It was then I went and created an account in XERT. I think it will be a great experiment to start with XERT since she has no training load, much less experience. I just hope she grabs some knowledge before start using XERT workouts.
Any help on how to develop her its welcome!


Give her a goal (improvement rate, not too high to start) and a target date, for instance 3 months from now, and the system will do the rest :slight_smile:

I did part of that, i select slow improvement rate!