Font of Xert Workout Player for Garmin Connect IQ

I have used the XERT Workout Player for Garmin for a few outdoor rides now. It is a really nice feature but unfortunately the font is really to small for an outdoor ride. Indoors you have plenty of time to focus on all the fields, but on the road you need to keep your eyes on the road for your own safety : as a result you should be able to see the fields in a fraction of second. As there is a lot of blank space on the screen, I assume this is possible to achieve. Especially Power, target power and interval time, but also heart rate, speed and cadence should be considered. Having interval time closer to target power would also be preferred.

Yes. We’d had spent quite a bit of time trying to handle different screen sizes by changing font sizes but had a number of issues doing so. It is something we do plan on addressing as resources become available. No committed timeframe as of yet though.

Hi Armando, thanks for your answer. Nice to hear that you will address this.

It appears that the power number changes font, but I can’t find an explanation for why or when it does that. I am talking about when you have the MPA and power field displayed. Can you point me to some place that explains what the different font types mean for the power field?

See the app description.