Focus of completed workout doesn't match expected focus


I completed this workout recently: There it says the focus is Endurance (3+ hour power). On completion though, it says my focus was Time-Trialist, and if I hover over that, it says the focus was my 1 hour power. The exercise is here: Why don’t the two focuses agree? I pretty much hit that workout exactly right…

Also, I’m a little confused by the workout player. I stopped pedalling early in one interval, but the interval timer continued to count down. Does the “smart interval duration” stuff only apply to intervals that have a target MPA? Maybe it could be possible to do the same thing for any interval, by calculating the amount of energy that should be used, rather than a duration?

Smart intervals are those with varying duration and (soon) varying power. If an interval’s duration is defined as “Absolute” in the Workout Player, it means that the timer is going to be just your regular timer. If the interval duration is “Target MPA” or similar, the timer calculates how much time you have left at the target power to reach your target MPA.

Wrt Focus, keep in mind that 1 hour power is very nearly threshold and any work above threshold, even just a few joules, it going to put the Focus near the 1-hour range. An Endurance workout would have you never go above threshold. Note that Focus, as it is today, doesn’t go below your threshold power. Now that we have duration estimates for power below threshold, it is possible to extend the Focus concept to also provide a representative value for Focus for submaximal workouts. This is something we’re looking at.

Ok, so I can’t have a smart interval with anything below threshold then, because that wouldn’t change MPA at all. Thanks for the clarification on focus!