Focus duration Range

A question,
which are the ranges of the focus duration?
I f i’m aiming for a climber workout what durstion should i look to achieve?
And so for the other targets
Is there a chart that explains this?
i searched the forum but didn’t find anything about.

thank you very much

Given that climber duration is a W/kg focus, i think xert is “implying” that you can make gains either by improving the 10 minute area of your mean maximal power curve or by shedding weight…
So if you’re using the Garmin app focus/strain app… you would just go out and ride hard steady efforts at a power that is similar to ten minutes on your power curve and watch the Garmin to see when your focus duration is ten minutes… and keep doing efforts every so often When the focus duration starts to go towards 15 Minutes

Read this article for information on Focus duration
Read this for information on athlete types and the focus duration that corresponds to it…

If you’re doing xert workouts… any workout that says climber in the focus is appropriate… and you don’t take even need to know the specific “focus duration” you can trust that it will be in the range very close to ten minutes

Just keep reading and clicking Links… study and maybe take notes… it takes some time and effort to understand the xert method… but it’s worth it… xert has an amazingly detailed glossary/faq/encyclopedia of information on cycling Training using xert

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