Focus Duration during Trial

I’m trying Xert now, and I see this


But I don’t see any duration. Is this on purpose for trial? Or what am I missing?


Focus Duration is determined by the Athlete Type you select.
Recommended workouts during Base phase fall into the endurance category since Xert is a hybrid polarized platform. The trial includes a subset of workouts from the library.
Focus will shift during the phased progression as noted in this chart –
Program Phases – Xert (

Here are two overview articles on how to best use Xert and why it is different than other training platforms –
Training with the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor – Xert (
Principles of Focused, Progressive Overload – Xert (

A number of newbie tips are posted in this thread to help get you started –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (
If you provide answers to the 11pt profile questionnaire we can best answer your questions moving forward.

Welcome to Xert. Enjoy the ride. :smile:

If you want to try the system you could also change your target event date to something closer in the future to go into build or peak phase or to something in the past to go out of the phased progression into free mode where you would also get workouts that are not endurance. Provided your freshness status is blue or green, with yellow you get endurance and with red active recovery. But then you can use the freshness feedback to change that. Feel free to turn on all the knobs and see what happens, just don’t overdo your actual training :wink: