Focus Discrepancy

Hey Guys,

There seems to be some discrepancies in the Focus of workouts online versus Android app. I’ve seen this several times now, but an example is SMART - Welcome to the Machine. Online it’s considered ‘Puncheur’, but in the app, it’s considered ‘Breakaway Specialist’. Can you guys look into this please?

Also seeing difficulty errors as well. SMART - Closer 300 in the app is 3.5 stars, but 4.5 online.

Thanks Shane. Could you kindly check your PP, HIE and TP on the SETTINGS tab on the Android app and see that they are the same as the values on Xert Online?

Thanks Armando!

Fitness Signature is the same between the App and Online.

My Fitness Signature wouldn’t affect the Focus of a workout right? Just the difficulty?!

Yes, your signature affects focus as it determines the work allocation ratios. Are they all different or just some workouts? Which ones if some are?

Gotcha! So the workout focus is even dynamic, not just the values?! Not all are different, but it still creates issues when trying to select a workout. Here are just the examples of Breakaway Focus in App:

Hardness Test - Level 06: Breakaway in App/Puncheur Online
Seiler 4x4 Study Workout: Breakaway in App/Puncheur Online
SMART - Highway Star: Breakaway in App/Puncheur Online
SMART - Life is a Highway: Breakaway in App/Puncheur Online
SMART - We WIll Rock You: Breakaway in App/Puncheur Online

What would cause the Difficulty Difference in some workouts (These are showing the same Focus between Online and App)? Examples:

SMART - Raining Blood: 3.5 in App/3 Online
SMART - Closer 300: 3.5 in App/4.5 Online

Another difference I’m noticing is regarding Suggested Focus. My Planner is suggesting Sprint Time-Triallist (for last week and this coming week), but then My Fitness is saying Endurance. I’m confused?!

Thank you for answering all these questions. I love the idea of this, but things are just rather confusing with the discrepancies.

Hi Shane. We’re not able to reproduce this issue. Our test user (me) has nearly the same signature as you and it the numbers on the mobile and web app are practically identical. Are you sure you have the same signature? Can you send us a screen shot of your Android SETTINGS/PHYSIOLOGY tab?