Focus Datafield on garmin Edge,

Hi and thanks for support. On my Garmin Edge 1030, i have create a page data field w/ more XERT IQ app. Focus and Strain included. Why, in the datafield ‘Focus’ if the amount of the time Focus is over 1 hour, not is visible in the datafield ? After 59:59 i see only --:-- and it return only when the value is above 1 h. Thanks so much again. Regards. Corrado Saurin, Italy.

Hi Corrado, good question!

Remember that Focus encompasses how much strain was applied across your 3 systems during an activity. If there is very little (if any) strain on your high & peak energy systems, then the focus duration will be relatively long (generally over 15:00), since the strain is almost exclusively low intensity.

We could potentially make the CIQ data field show longer focus durations, but I don’t think it would be necessary. As a general rule of thumb, if your Focus duration is greater than 15 min, then you can be assured that the ride is predominantly an endurance activity… There is very little difference between a focus duration of 45:00 and 1:30:00, since both of those focus durations are almost exclusively low-intensity.

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Hi Scott ! Perfect help ! Is all clear and i undertsand perfectly. In true, i have thinking this, but, i have also thinked is the problem of the app CIQ, (Focus and XSS), or i don’t have perfectly setting. Now is all clear. And, thanks also at your lesson Discover, Improve, Perform, i understand in more deep aspect the XERT World ! For me one of the best ride companion ! ;O) Sorry for my not correct English, but, i not love the translator ;O) Thanks again, have a good sunday ! :grinning:

I can understand how it might be confusing. Perhaps we could update the data field to show >60:00 instead of --:–.

Awesome to hear! Hope they helped explain more about how Xert works & that you can get even more out of Xert now that you’ve seen them :smiley:


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Hi Scott, It would not be a bad idea to see, in one of the next updates of the Focus and XSS APP, the value always expressed in minutes, even, after the hour. Even if, however, I have well understend that beyond the hour it is indifferent to perform 1 or 2 hours or more of purely endurance work.
Thx again and have a good week ! :grinning: