Focus and Target Event+ Rankings

Hi Armando, I have three questions.

Are the recommendations for the Focus (Climber, GC-specialist, etc.) assume that I’m training for an Event (in my case on the 16th of September) that reflects my Profile (“Sprint Timetrialist”)?

Are the Rankings (e.g. 20min Power) based on absolut Wattage or Watt/kg?

Means ERG Power Offset 21.57, that my Smart Trainer previously recorded 21.57 Watts too much? That might well be…


Yes. The suggestion is based on your Target Event Date and your Athlete Type.

Some ranking are W and some are W/kg. Sprint Time Triallist is W.

ERG Power Offset is used in this equation Real Power = Trainer Power * ERG Power Scaling Factor + ERG Power Offset. Ideally, Scaling Factor should be 1 and Power Offset should be 0.

Many thanks for your explanations! This makes sense altogether…:slight_smile: