Fixing inflated TP

A number of my rides that have breakthroughs occur where there is a steep hill that takes me about 6.5 minutes at 335W. This results in a TP that doesn’t reflect my athlete type (short time trial) and my general riding. If also means that any indoor workouts I do are much too difficult. Also all my indoor workouts are on my TT bike using the same Favero Assioma power meter pedals that I use on outdoor rides. I was advised on the Facebook group to flag the activities that feature a BT with a short steep climb.

In addition I have quite a lot of older activities where I believe the power is incorrect due to having either an incorrectly torqued Garmin Vector pedals or using the power from my turbo trainer. I want to exclude all activities from before I purchased the Assioma pedals. I have gone through all my activities and flagged the appropriate activities however it took a very long for Xert to process all the changes. I was wondering whether this was the best method of doing this or whether I should have simply deleted the older (pre Assioma) activities?

Since you’ve already flagged the problem activities I believe you can simply locate an activity after you purchased the pedals, select the Advanced MPA tab, scroll down to adjust TP then click lock the signature. This will cause recalculation from that point forward and ignore the prior activity.

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