Fitness Stats stopped working (showing 0) after adjusting goals

Anyone encountered such an issue where adjusting your goals and time advice has led the site to become unresponsive - this happened exactly after i have adjusted the time advice setting - I can no longer see my stats nor any training advice. I get an error code (DataTables Warning: Ajax error) when I go into the planner or progression page, it seems like its trying to retrive information but fails to do so.

I relogged, and used a different browser but nothing has changed.

Here’s a shot from the training tab on mobile (no data and no workouts)

Any suggestions ?

Thanks ! :blush:

Not really a clue, so no suggestions, but curious as to why you black out your name on one of the screen dumps, while it is visible here…



I didn’t realize it would show anyways :slight_smile:

Its indeed a strange issue, I currently can not use Xert. I hope support can solve this issue.

I’d recommend that you email support if you haven’t already.


I did already, will keep this updated if I get a reply.

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Incidentally, I did the same thing yesterday, without problems. Not very helpful either, but did you try another browser, if you have one?

I’m sure they’ll get you sorted out quickly.

Did you check the page it is referring to:


I checked out the page, however with my limited understanding I think these error messages have to be resolved from the servers end.

But it is evident when I enable the “developer tools” on my browser I could see that there were 3 errors. I tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox with no luck so far.

I think you broke the internet - well, at least for your account :joy:

I managed to bug my account big time :smiley:, hope some dev can support !

We’re on it :slight_smile:

Should have this resolved ASAP for you, sorry for the troubles.

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All good to go now ! all thanks to the ManofSteele :wink: great job from the support team at Xert ! :star_struck:

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