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Hi I am doing similar workout for the last 8 weeks and my Power has been declining each week. Can you let me know why?

Time for a breakthrough! You should be planning some sort of “test” every so often to keep it from declining.

Hi Armando, thank you for your reply. May I know what do you mean by “test”? Do you mean go all out for a couple of ride?

You should try and bring MPA down to with 200-300W of TP and then attempt a breakthrough (all out 5-10s effort). Just once, maybe twice if the first attempt didn’t work. If your TP is too low, you’ll see an increase back to where it should be. You should be relatively fresh but you shouldn’t need to purposefully have rest days before. You can just incorporate as part of a high-intensity workout.

Armando, so I should bring my MPA down to 1300w and attempt a breakthrough or bring the MPA down to 200-300w?

Sorry… to “within” 200-300W of TP. So if your TP is 300W, bring your MPA down to 500-600W … you can use our Garmin MPA app or just base on feel … and then attempt to surpass the value as much as possible for 5-10s. You’ll see purple on the MPA app and get a ribbon on your display. When you then look at the activity, you’ll see a gold/silver/bronze trophy and an increase in your signature values.

Thank you, I will try that.