Fitness signature way too high

I am a 61 year old woman and the fitness signature is way too high. How do I change that down? I almost had a heart attack trying to do the ENDURANCE workout. I thought this was supposed to fit people’s level. This just seems wrong. I have no breakthroughs and no progression. I can’t keep doing this at this level.

I figured out how to set the new parameters…go to account settings/profile and all the numbers are there. It at least gives me time to improve to attain a breakthrough so I can se an improvement.

Hi Dane,

You can always message our support team if you’d like someone to take a look at your data!


Thanks Scott. I figured it out and all is well and looking forward to my ride today. The only other thing is that it did not recognize my Assioma power meters but that might have been on me. I shall look into it. Thanks for your help.

And I got the power meter going so all is well. Love this platform. The last one I was on murdered me physically. Great work to your development team.



:pray: Thank you!

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is there a blog post or pod cast time point that explains when a good time is to use recalculate progression and when it is a really bad idea? If not could we get some basics on this? Also it is interesting on that same page you can alter 3 parameters in the signature which includes the HIE, which I understood was a calculated part of your signature from the 3 main ones of TP, MPA and LTP but I can not change LTP? Is LTP anchored to TP?

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@daneh I had the same problem with a fitness signature way too high. Xert calculated my threshold power at 282 and, like you I found most of the workouts impossible. I did an wattbike Max ramp test and got a more realistic FTP of 242, so I manually set that in Xert…

However, Xert keeps re-setting my signature upwards. It’s now 270. I haven’t had a breakthrough or anything.

How do I stop this from happening? I can’t see much point in Xert if it has no idea what my fitness is!

Does your HIE fall within range on this chart?

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 07.53.23

Is your historical power data consistent and complete including BT activity, not just a RAMP test? That’s how your signature gets calculated and adjusted over time. Or you need to enter known values into the power curve calculator.

If inconsistent power data locate the offending activity (ex, power spikes) and flag them or manually correct the activity using the Advanced tab then Save/Lock.
If you are unsure how to do this file a support request with and they will review your historical data.

Sounds odd if you’ve not had a breakthrough, or recalculated the progression… or maybe the manual setting of signature didn’t save properly? I rarely change my signature but if I do, I do it in an activity (advanced MPA, adjust the parameters then save / lock). Is that what you did?

Have you switched your Decay Method to “No Decay - Training Load Matched” by any chance?

Thanks ridgerider2.

My HIE is 15.6, while my FTP was 282 (I think it should be around 242). Neither value look to be in the yellow zone on your chart.

I’ve been using a wattbike indoors and a Powertap G3 hub outdoors. I only seem to be able to get BT outdoors.

There are spikes in the data, but they have always been when I’ve been genuinely putting in a big effort and are around the values I’m seeing on the Garmin while riding.

No, it’s still set to “Optimal decay - Default”

Xert relies on periodic BT events to set and adjust your signature. Something is amiss if you can’t achieve them on your trainer.
Are all the recommended workouts too tough to complete at 270 TP?
What phase are you in?
What is your current status star level?
What athlete type is selected?

The chart shows the typical relationship between Peak Power and HIE.
The dark yellow line is the median with lighter yellow showing the scatterplot range.
HIE 15.6 falls within the PP 675-1025 range. Is that comparable to your peak power outdoors?
A RAMP test doesn’t sample PP as that requires all out sprints for 5-7 secs after drawing down MPA. That means out of the saddle at high rpm. Your indoor value will be less than what you can generate outdoors.
If you think your PP number is correct but TP is too high, file a support request with and they’ll review your historical data and make any adjustments necessary.

Thanks for all the info. Yes I will contact support.

All the ones where MPA dips significantly are too hard to achieve. BT is impossible.

What phase are you in?


What is your current status star level?

3 stars

What athlete type is selected?

Climber. I previously had it on Triathlete as the 3hr+ seemed closest to my typical events, but I also think of myself as a climber and tbh the climber workouts are more interesting.

I think we got this pretty well sorted out :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks Scott. Really impressed with your quick response on this. As you can see I did the Xert BT v3 test and only bumped my signature up a little bit, so it seems your adjustments were pretty accurate!

What can I say… I guess you get the hang of it after viewing thousands of Breakthroughs :wink: