Fitness Signature - Threshold value feels way too high - Want to recalibrate

How do I recalibrate my fitness signature - or limit the range it analyzes at the very least?

My threshold power is just under 300 (297 at moment) and my lower threshold power is 249.7

I tried doing a Smart workout Endurance ride (Take me to Church) using the app a couple of weeks ago and I abandoned it after about 30 minutes because it was just wearing me out. My recent best effort over (this week Zwift race) 70 minutes had 251w 60 minute power, 266NP (70 minutes).

My best ever effort was ~300 for 25 minutes, back 10 months ago when I had way more fitness than now.

I really like the idea of Xert, but unless I’m really not understanding the FAQ / blogs, it feels like I’m not going to get anything from the workouts unless I’m able to recalibrate my fitness signature. I see how I can manually drop it under profile, but I’d just be guessing. Thanks!

Hi Philip,

If you’re finding LTP workouts like Take Me To Church too hard, then your LTP might have been calculated too high. Often this is due to HIE being too low for you. If there aren’t a lot of breakthroughs in your profile, this can happen or if there is a breakthrough that has some odd data in it. See our FAQ for help with this.

The best way to go about changing things is to go to a previous breakthrough in your progression and open the Activity Details / Advanced tab and adjust the fitness signature at the bottom. Save/Lock it. If you increase your HIE, lower your TP and click refresh to see what happens. Generally, you should only adjust by a few kJ. Again see our FAQ to understand the general values you should be aiming for. So for example, you could raise your HIE by 2kJ and drop your TP by 5W for example. This will lower your LTP and will make LTP-based endurance workouts easier. LTP based workouts should not feel hard and they should be easily doable. If you can’t finish them, then your LTP is likely too high.

Experiment a bit to get a feel for things so that you can gain a better understanding of your own fitness and can adjust things for yourself. Your results will then improve much more predictably and understandably.

Reading the original question I definitely got the feeling that TP is much to high - much more than 5w.
I agree with dropping LTP but surely TP needs to be dropped more significantly than 5w.

Not arguing with the product owner - just trying to understand the approach

Not necessarily. Most of our endurance workouts are based on LTP not TP.

Are you combining indoor with outdoor riding?

Yes. Wahoo Kickr 3rd Gen and Stages outdoor.

Is that a left only Stages? L/R imbalance is not likely to cause a > 30 Watt difference, but it may account for at least half of it. If your last outdoor values where actually calculated too high, due to an imbalance, and you lost fitness, that may explain why you’re having a hard time on your Wahoo now…

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It is left only Stages although when I did my bike fit I was told my left is stronger. My numbers aren’t really that different indoor and out. For example, in the last week I had 272w 20 min, 251w 60 minute indoor, 266w NP 70 minute ride (Zwift Race). 293w 10 minute group ride outdoor, 248w NP 74 minute ride (Stages Left only). Those numbers seem don’t seem too skewed by different devices.

I guess what I’m looking for is: is / will it be possible to customize date range for power curve? Failing that, what are some example numbers I could type in so it sort of reset it and then it will allow me to get breakthroughs again as it learns my curve? I tried to read the help, but I don’t really understand enough to do more than wildly guess.

BTW - I’m actually from a farm near Bradford WG, you’ve probably ridden by my place Armando as it’s near a hwy 400 interchange. Living in Tasmania now though.

Assuming a ‘normal’ imbalance, like 52/48, at a TP of ~260, that’s already ~10 Watts (130/120, reported value is 260, actual 250). How to incorporate that into your Xert numbers, is something @mastracci will be able to tell you. Also, during indoor workouts, you can lower intensity, but that will be a pain in the butt for workouts with lots of (short) intervals. Besides, that will not help you get BT’s I guess…

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At 55/45, then it’s nearly 25W. Then there’s the calibration between KICKR and Stages. Your best bet is to use powermatch and see if you see a difference.