Fitness Signature Recalculation

My two breakthrough’s have happened on rides where I didn’t have a chance to calibrate my Garmin RS200 pedals at the start. They had been calibrated the ride before. My threshold is not that far off though, 294 vs 308 (308 does feel doable for me but I haven’t tested myself that hard recently as I’m trying to stick to what XERT tells me to do.

My question is, is there a way to remove these rides, recalculate, and then add them back in if I’m not that far off?



i doubt that those rides were really that far off though as you seem to feel as well?
but anyways if you really want to, it’s easy to do.

  1. from the activities tab, just to the right of the title, click the little flag symbol of the rides where your power meter wasn’t calibrated.

  2. go back before that flagged problem ride, delete one ride,

  3. re-sync the deleted ride from strava

and all rides after that deleted ride will have signature recalculations.
(step 2 and 3 may not be required, i’m not actually sure but perhaps flagging is enough to cause recalculations)

Hey thanks Isaac! The first step seemed to work. Dropped me by 9 watts, which I’m not sad about (maybe I am actually, my ego didn’t like it). I think I just need to try another hard effort on some rest to see if I can get another breakthrough that is similar.