Fitness signature: how can I reset it?

I had some power meter error in a file and I can’t get it the signature to reset. I’m reading superman levels of power, like 900w threshold and 2000w peak. Even if I change the time to 2 weeks, I can’t get these huge values to go away. I don’t see them on any ride in that time period however. thanks

I would try and locate the activity that is causing the error and manually set it signature using the Advanced Tab on the Activity Details. Once you set this activity’s signature and save it, the change will trickle down through the rest of your activities.

Are there any ways to see where its pulling those data points from? I don’t see those max powers on any other rides so I’m struggling to filter. I put manual values in, but when I recalculated my signature it reset them again. It also shows my current fitness as some micro-part of “real” fitness, since my FTP is only 250 now, vs. the 910 found in one file. Screenshot 2016-09-15 09

Hi Armando,

so looking through the data export, I can’t find where the heck these values are coming from, as those numbers never show up in Peak Power or Threshold calculations. Here’s an export of my rides in Xert:

Which OS/browser are you using? It might be how the screen is/isn’t getting updated.

OSX/Firefox 48. It does seem to take a long time to render, would Chrome or Safari be a better option?

Ok just tried Chrome, it rendered right away, and has the right values even :wink: Not sure why Firefox won’t render it, let me know if you need more info for troubleshooting. Screenshot 2016-09-15 21

Thanks Menko. We’ll have a look and see if we can replicate the issue.