Fitness Signature (Help to get it right)

My FTP is around 290-315w depending on time of season and my level of training. Just moved back to XERT having used it back in early 2016 however I’m back to same issue just with more data.

My Threshold Power and 3hr Power appear to be very high. Currently these are set to:

	Threshold Power 368w
	3+ Hour Power 318w

My Training Status & Form is always Recreational and Very Tired with most of my rides are tagged as 1. Recovery or 1.5 Easy with a small Moderate few. I wish my training was this easy.

Most of this seems to stem from 10 Mile TT rides and then very short blast on Hill Climbs during some easier rides. In these instants my MPA drops but I’m able to exceed remaining MPA (Presume this is a breakthrough), However this seems to set my Threshold Power higher on some occasions albeit this isn’t a sustain effort this is only a short hill climb section.

It is probably a gap in knowledge on my part but does this suggest I have a higher MPA than I’ve set somewhere or higher HIE?

So basically I’m struggling with this. I’ve tried seeding my first ride but I can se e each and every time I do a decent hill I get a breakthrough and my threshold is changing for very little sustained work.

Appreciate any ideas on what I may be doing wrong or what I’m missing in terms of my understanding?

Would like to get to a point where my 3+ and Threshold is something I could actually see me achieving.


Ewen, your latest breakthrough activity had an effort that was 450W for 4:30. This included periods of rest. If you threshold is actually 315W, your HIE would be 37kJ and PP well above 1200W. While this is possible, it might be a bit of an anomaly given your previous data. Are you using power from different sources? For example, have you been using trainer power and just switched to another power meter for outdoor rides?

A progression recalculation was initiated from a starting point of 1000, 20, 300 for PP, HIE and TP, resp. Check in and see if things look a bit better. If not, send us an email at and we’d be happy to sort things out further for you. Also let us know which power meter you are using.

But I think you are stronger than you think. (Good for you!)