Fitness signature fallen down with new update

My fitness signature has fallen down after the latest update.
From yesterday the ftp is now -15 and peak power about -80.
I tried to recalculate progression but i had no change.
In the latest workout (performed yesterday) i had the maximum output power 805w.
Today i opened the same activity and the value is now 773w.
Is all this normal??

Yes. I had a look at your profile and it looks really good. That last activity with the 805W was very short spike and the system will often consider these efforts as possible errors. Next time hold it for a few seconds so that it isn’t treated as an error. It should not make a material difference to your training.

As far as the drop in 15W, I don’t see anything that explains why it was 15W higher so this is the new algorithm just doing a better job at finding an TP that’s more reasonable despite very few breakthrough efforts in your data (just 2 in the last 4 months).

Thanks for your feedback.

I tought the problem is i have powermeter on the trainer but i don’t have it on the bike.
With every other train program (trainerroad, zwift, trainerday…) i had an higher ftp (+25/30) measured with their ramptest and i easily followed their program with this value.
To adjust values of my fitness signature i’ll do the “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 3” workout.
Is this a correct way?

Be sure that ramp test activity is on our system. Send a note to if you continue to need assistance. Better to provide support privately. Thank you.

TP isn’t the same at FTP but for many users the numbers are close.
A RAMP test is a one-dimensional method to measure FTP that works for many cyclists, but not everyone equally.
The fitness tests in the library are designed to evaluate your max performance under fatigue as well as peak power sprints. The results determine if any change is warranted in your signature values (TP, HIE, PP).
Version 3 can be ridden under ERG control (AUTO in Xert). However, to fully express your fitness I recommend Version 2 ridden entirely in Slope mode, exceeding watts and duration targets when able. Plus, spin up and sprint as hard as you can for at least 5-7 secs on the longest interval right before you reach your failure point.
Outdoors is the best environment for Peak Power measurement. For that consider using Version 1.
Again, exceed targets if able and ride to a failure point on the longest interval.
Another option for a BT workout is the Ronnestad Classic. Complete as much of each set as possible (to failure if necessary) and all three sets to the best of your ability.

There are several ways to achieve BTs in Xert that measure different aspects of your signature whether riding a specific workout, cresting a climb, participating in a drop group ride, or during a ZRL effort.
For details see this article – Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

Reference –
Using Xert to Test Your Fitness – Xert (

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Something is wrong with the website calculation. I upload rides, walks and rowing workouts. I did a ride on Friday and had a breakthrough (192W). The ride processed but I kept getting the “loading” message and my stats never updaded. Then I did a recovery row on saturday at 107W. After I uploaded the row my TP changed from 183W (which was the value before my friday ride) to 107W. Clearly something broke in the algorithm…