Fitness Signature dropping now that it's on basic program


Was loving the trial up until it ended especially seeing my fitness signature improve almost daily - now that I’m down to the basic version which only monitors one activity per week, my fitness signature seems to be dropping even though I’m training the same as before. If I carry on using the basic, will my fitness signature drop further more?

Would love to pay for premium but I have other priorities at the moment so can’t afford the luxury just yet - still like the program though.


Alan, thanks for your feedback. You can subscribe for one month to get things all caught up. After you subscribe, just upload the activities that were missed during the free period and Xert will bring everything back to normal. At $10, I wouldn’t quite classify it as a luxury item but I can understand your concern. Our payment flexibility is really meant to allow everyone to benefit from the software as they see fit for their needs at a very affordable rate. Fortunately, we are seeing a growing number of users opting to stay on and in fact most are purchasing for one-year. It is this support that is making Xert possible.

That’s a great response and thank you. I think what it boils down to is that I train to power indoors on the Turbo (HIIT) and do my long easy rides outdoors (active recovery without power meter) and is also perhaps why signature drops a little. I’ll buy another month just to let things catch up and use that to launch me into my TT season from April onwards - many thanks.