Fitness Signature Changes

Why does my Fitness Signature change each time I use the calculator in the Account Setting Profile. My peak power dropped over 400 watts, my threshold power fluctuated up and down by about 20 watts and my six minute power dropped by over 12 watts as a result of recalculating several times. I am not sure where my fitness level should be at this time? Shouldn’t the Fitness Signature remain static after each work out has been inputted? Mine seems to change each time it is recalculated despite the fact that all of my work outs have already been inputted.

Hey Roberto. Are you performing progression recalculations? If so, these will undo any manual corrections that may have been made to your activity history. These should rarely be performed. As more data is received, particularly when you have maximal efforts and breakthroughs (see Glossary), the system will be more and more robust in tracking the improvements you are making to your fitness.

Hello Armando, Yes, I was performing progression recalculations. I will stop doing so. This website is great for tracking workouts, analyzing data. The Fitness Signature and Training Advisor are fantastic. The

… fact that this website isn’t solely fixated on FTP is great. On other sites, this seems to be the only measure of performance. Your MPA calculations seem to be spot on. I did a step workout two weeks ago. I stopped at 325 watts, I felt like I gave up. Sure enough, when I looked at the chart my MPA had decreased a lot and the slope was dropping, but I was still sitting at around 500 watts. I knew I had a lot more left in me but mentally I did not want to suffer that much.

One more thing Armando, is there a way to input your workouts directly into Zwift? Up until now, I have been creating workouts in Zwift to mimic XERTs suggested workouts.

Some folks on FB have done the conversions but the current sentiment is to do this: since the dynamic/smart workouts can’t be played properly on static workouts used in other software.