Fitness Signature Calculator resets back to the old values

Hi, there!
Have a couple of issues:

  1. Recently I’ve updated (corrected) my fitness signature on Fitness Signature Calculator page. A day after all values dropped (reset) back to old ones.
  2. After the fitness signature correction took place, I have noticed that FT remained the same on the home page, then everything has reverted the next day see (#1)
  3. (Does not relate to neither #1 or #2) - Right after an activity has logged I see a weird progress graph for the current day (the last activity). Setting “hide future activities” somehow resolves the weirdness of the graph (but I’m still not confident in this :slight_smile:). A possible root cause (to my humble opinion) could be in that my profile’s timezone is set to utc+3:00 versus the application’s time calculation logic.


Hi, just wondering if you ever found an answer to your first issue?


I would be interested to hear the answer to this as well.