Fitness Signature and the "trickle-down" process

Again… I feel there’s something terribly wrong with updating the Fitness Signature using the trickle-down process, similar to what I saw in!/support:workouts-fitness-signature over two months ago. I just replaced a month-old workout due to a bad power value (drop) using a corrected file, but Xert used my current Fitness Signature to evaluate the month old workout - not the value from the workout preceeding the uploaded workout. I’d say that has rather catastrophic results, just have a look at the Before and After shots of the same workout! Comments? Before After

If you manually set your current Fitness Signature before you do this, this will happen. Simply replace the activity again and things should adjust accordingly. Using the previous activity’s signature is the default process.

But I didn’t set it before I did anything! I haven’t touched the Fitness Signature settings since before last time I did a Recalculate, which was like a month ago now.

Please try and remove and add your activity back in and let us know if it occurs again.

How about you try it out instead…? The process is simple. To replicate my use-case exactly you:

  1. First upload a set of files to an account, then at one point or another you set your Fitness Profile manually (this doesn’t seem to have much of an effect) and then immediately after do a Recalculate Progression.
  2. When it’s finished parsing the data, you change and lock the Fitness Signature of the very first uploaded workout to the same value you intended for Xert to use as the initial value in #1, i.e. the value you set right before doing the Recalculate Progression.
  3. Again, when it’s done parsing all the data you remove a file in the middle of the set, then replace it.
  4. Make sure that Xert doesn’t use the latest Fitness Signature, but the one of the previous workout for the replaced workout you just uploaded.

For me, this has failed miserably, most probably several times only I didn’t realize what the problem was. Not keen on doing it all over again until I really have to, no.

Ok… I believe whenever you set a manual signature, it will be applied to the very next activity you upload/sync (will need to double-check but pretty sure). So even though you did a recalc and trickle-down, the “manual” status is still set and thus will apply to your next activity. It does makes sense to reset this after a recalc/trickle-down so thank you for pointing this out and very much appreciate you going through all this trouble to explain!!! (And sorry for all the trouble too…)

I don’t mind explaining anything if I feel like somebody is listening! This could for sure explain it, but as you say it makes sense to reset it under these circumstances. I hope you’ll fix it now, please do post a reply here when you have!

While on the subject, what would the expected outcome be of setting the Fitness Signature followed by a Recalculate Progression? I was hoping that it would use these values as a seed value for the very first uploaded workout, but it doesn’t quite seem to work that way (it does however seem to have some kind of effect…)?