Fitness Planner

I’m finding a few odd things with the fitness planner :

  1. If I have a planned activity which I need to delete, then the delete button in the pup-up doesn’t work, I have to use the open button on the pop-up and delete from the next screen.
  2. If I search for workouts on the fitness planner then they appear like favourites however when you drag them the drop doesn’t work, they don’t appear on the calender. Seems to only work with favourites?
  3. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to add recommendations to the planner, perhaps I’m missing something. The whole interface seems very clunky in that you can’t go to a workout from the recommendations list, seems you can only select the workout. Therefore given the problems above the only way to add your recommendations to the planner is:
    a. Get the name from the recommendations list
    b. Select the Workouts page and do a search for the name
    c. Make the workout a favourite
    d. Select the Fitness Planner, then drag the workout to the day, go back to the My Fitness page and repeat ste ps a-d
  4. Associated with 1 for workouts, as the delete doesn’t work and open takes you to the workout, how do I delete a workout from the plan?

From the Recommendations list you need to be able to ‘add to plan’ with a data prompt and also go to the workout details page in addition to ‘do the workout’

There are quite a few innovative ways to use the recommendation engine in the calendar. Quite a few computational issues need to get addressed.