Fitness Planner

Yesterday I used the automatically create recommended button on the calendar. The workout that come up was SMART - Welcome to the Jungle. I suppose to receive it in my Garmin this morning at 4:00 am my time(timezone is correct on my account settings). However I received a different one. Same thing happened also a couple of days ago using the ADVISOR RECOMMENDED WORKOUTS (square checked). I go at bed thinking that next morning I will do a workout however I receive something else. I’m confused on how it works. Is there a way to be sure which workout I’m going to receive?
Thank you.

I can’t for sure say how it should work with the calendar but it is is normal for a recommended workout to change as the hours pass by.
I have Xert running in a browser tab most of the time. Whenever I’m ready to workout I refresh my browser (F5) which generates an updated fitness signature based on recovery time elapsed since my last workout. That in turn affects the recommended workout as of now.
I either accept that workout or one of the alternates or click More and select something in the same range based on how many minutes I can workout for the day.
When ready to workout you can also run Remote Player to see the name of the workout that will be loaded to your Garmin. If enough time has elapsed that workout may be different that what was last shown as the recommended workout.

If you have “Automatically select a recommended workout”, it will recalculate a new workout every 15 minutes or so. If you would like to use the one in your schedule, you should disable this.

Thank you for your replies!!!