Fitness planner / Weekly Stats

Hi! Xert is great! It’s kind of refreshing to come from Trainingpeaks to Xert. I’m a number geek and always feel satisfied when numbers add up and make sense as most of the numbers in Xert do :wink: Although I can’t figure out Weekly Stats section with TP-HIE-PP where my percentages are mainly negative(red colored). Where are the percentages coming from, what affects them and how do I keep them positive(green color). Or do I even have to keep them positive all the time? If you could give me few pointers on this one, I’d be more than glad. Thanks!

Hello! Agree, definately am enjoying Xert more than TrainingPeaks (although it’s a good software as well). As far as I understand your fitness signature decays automatically unless you periodically make a maximal effort to redetermine your current fitness signature. This is I guess from where these numbers are coming - the system assumes that your fitness goes down unless you prove otherwise.

Thanks Viljar / Tapani! Tapani is correct although we recently released a new profile setting that allows the system to track fitness changes based on training loads. There is a blog on that.

All clear now, cheers guys!