Fitness Planner training status gradient

I used to see a fairly predictable transition from blue (fresh) to green (super fresh) to brown (de-training). Now it seems green (super fresh) is not part of the equation and my status moves in the gradient from Blue (fresh) to Brown (de-training). Even if the status is moving quickly through the gradient should all colours still not be visible?

The status is only evaluated a few times a day, especially at midnight. You cannot use it to see how the freshness changes throughout the day. Use the add activity and specify a time for that.

I’m not sure I understand. Is the evaluation only happening a couple times a day? Or is the data points set for the gradient only calculated at a few points in each day?

I thought evaluation would happen once you submit an activity and then the forecast would update training status? Even if there are only a few calculation points would they not still move through the entire gradient in a linear fashion between the calculation points?

This also made me think that the gradient should be gradually becoming fresher as time passes with a hard immediate transition of the activity. Seems like a relatively even gradient bother pre and post activity.

Checked in on this today again. Now the gradient has a very fresh status over 4-5 days. This seems very inconsistent (though this latest iteration does seem to logically make sense)?

Yes, I reported the issue after your OP and they’ve been working on it. :wink:

Sounds good. Thanks for escalating. This latest iteration does seem to match expectation. I’ll monitor over the next few days and workouts to see if things become more consistent.

Hi @cmroy , thanks for the comments. We rolled out an updated that changes when brown status is reached - this should prevent situations where users go staring from blue to brown without going to ‘very fresh’.

Is it normal please?

Brown is de-training.
You have no training planned for 8 days.
It would seem reasonable that you will start to lose fitness if f you do not train.

I think like the remainder of this thread Hugo may be questioning the lack of Very Fresh status before moving into detraining. So lack of transition through the green gradient. It sounds like Xert is aware. Unsure if this has totally been addressed thus far.

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He was probably only very fresh some hours during the day. In that case it will not show. The status is mostly focused on your training readiness at midnight and in the middle of the day or so.

I don’t think the very fresh status is likely less than 12 hours; and usually would last multiple days. I’m not sure that slipping from a fresh status at midnight to a detraining status by midday the next day would be the intent of the Xert programming team. Anecdotally I don’t think my body shifts gears that fast and don’t think the Xert model is meant to represent that either. Likely just working through technical glitches in that new feature. I know my gradient representation changed after I brought up the issue and a fix was being identified. hopefully additional users seeing a similar representation of the gradient will help identify the route cause.

Hi, that might be the case.

You can check the how the actual training status changes by planning a new activity for that day and adjusting the time for the workout an hour at the time by pressing arrow up/down. Then you should see when it changes between the different colors.

Still looks to be happening, but inconsistent?
View of multiple weeks. Seems to be working in the past, but then fails going forward.

More isolated view.

My planner is still going from Blue to Brown consistently. Am not sure if the Blue and Brown are accurate and only the Green is the error or if the entire calculation is out? I also had a relatively small XSS activity lead to Yellow for 3-4 days which didn’t seem to match changes from activities that I’d experienced over the previous year. This last example might just be my perception but the inconsistency has me guessing a bit more.

Is your Program type set to Continuous or something else?
Do you ride infrequently week to week?
What is the Recovery Demands slider set to? (center is the default)
I am currently at two clicks right of center which has been working for me.

Here’s today. No Very Fresh.

Then I did a very low intensity activity for 45 minutes.

Here are my settings

It would be interesting if some of these settings affect the display of the gradient. I would assume that you always move through the Very Fresh state prior to Detraining. I’m not sure if the system averages your freshness over the entire day and then sets the number and the gradient is derived from that; or some other scenario where averaging of a number could have you slightly under for one day (still showing as Blue), and then move to slightly over the next day (direct switch to Brown and Detraining). It seems like recovery demands autoset (not sure if it also auto-adjusts). But a very fast recovery could cause a very fast shift mathematically through the Freshness model; which may be making the gradient representation have difficulty in presenting the data.

I’ll be ramping up over the coming months and will see if the recovery demands auto-adjust and if the gradient tends to move in conjunction with this.

I’m typically used to seeing 3-4 days of Very Fresh with a gradient day on either side as transition. To completely skip that phase seems odd; I would expect it to be more evenly split of even a 2:1 ratio with the Fresh status.

I suspect it due to your 1.5 training status. Detraining is set to 7 days without training and with such a small overall training load, you don’t lose fitness all the quickly so don’t ever get to green status before 7 days. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. If you’re training regularly, green status, much less even brown status, should be pretty rare.