Fitness Planner scheduled workouts

Hi, I’ve scheduled a few months of workouts in advance as a basic plan to follow, using some smart sessions and other ones you’ve created in the database.
When it comes to the day of a session it seems to disappear from the fitness planner meaning I sometimes need to try remember what I was supposed to be doing, look it up in the workouts directory and load it from there for the Xert player (when you drag it off your favourites list into the current day the workout designer won’t load and it just shows you the description box and signature but no graph or target power).
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks,


Hi Jack. The planned activities expire when their time is reached. The default time of day is current 5am so that they get automatically loaded into the players when you wake up in the morning to perform the workout. This means that they expire at 5am too. If you turn off automatically select workout, the workout should appear as the selected workout.

Is there a reason they expire and vanish? I’d rather they remained in my plan until I complete them or delete them, maybe they turn red instead? I find them being removed at expiration slightly counter productive as I like checking the planner to see what session I’ve got in for the day. Is the best thing to change the session time to 11.45pm to keep them in there?

Changing their time is one way to keep them there but then recognize that they’ll be double-counted in your XPMC if you do your workout at 8am but they are scheduled for 11:45pm, at least until 11:45 when the expire. Maintaining the integrity and consistency of the XPMC is the reason why the expire.

That’s fine. I record my workout on a Garmin and upload via strava so would delete the planned workout after anyway else it’d be duplicated.
Just as feedback though it could maybe work better to have a planned XSS and completed XSS field which could be counted at 0 if the workout is missed or whatever XSS the completed workout comes to once ridden?

I’m guessing people use the fitness planner in different ways though.

What happens to the workouts that I’ve “pre-loaded” over the next 30 days if I changed my improvement rate from “Maintenance” to “Moderate-2”? Will it adjust the workouts to be harder automatically? I wanted to see what kind of workouts I’m in store for leading up to my “A” race in December because I am concerned the workouts this week were looking too easy.

Changing from Maintenance to Moderate-2 will require that you train with more time than train with more difficulty for the most part. Hence, your schedule would have to change. XATA does not make changes to your planned schedule. Since schedules and training execution can be quite dynamic, we don’t recommend planning your training more than a week or two into the future.

I appreciate the quick reply, Armando. I’m only a few days into the trial period and I must say that Xert has me very intrigued and excited to train again because of it’s “dynamic” nature. The tip not to plan more than a week or two into the future is very helpful. But now I am second guessing my decision to alter the improvement rate. I believe Maintenance mode was selected based on my past training load and my upcoming event in December, right? Do you think it was a bad idea for me to change it manually and I shouldn’t be doing Moderate-2 during the Base portion of my training?