Fitness Planner Deficit

I’ve been looking at the fitness planner today, it’s giving me the same deficit for everyday, at the moment 24 XSS. I’ve tried clearing my browser cache, logging out/back in, moving target date (irrelevant at the moment as no way of knowing when/if my TT season will start again), and I’ve altered the freshness slider, all to no avail. Any ideas on what’s happening or if there is a way to fix this?

I’m trying to see how my deficit will progress this week as I am one of the people who is still going to work in the UK at the moment although my hours have changed, so I’d like to have a rough idea of what I can/can’t do for the upcoming week training wise.

Many Thanks

Hi Sean,

We’ve noticed it today as well. We’re working on it!

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Thanks. Much appreciated.